Die Antwoord Philly gig in da overseas

In Die Antwoord deur griffin1 Eiertjies

An American fan of Die Antwoord went to their gig in Philadelhpia in the USA this past Thursday (that place what Fresh Prince of Bellair comes from) and wanted to share his experience in a couple of words and pictures, so we gooi for it here on the intwerwebs in English so the souties can also verstaan it…

Fanks to Scott from da overseas for the great pics…

Words and pictures by Scott Darrach


Thursday night Die Antwoord Landed their Zef Side UFO on the SOLD OUT Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, Pa. On the first night of their OK USA Tour 2012.

I'm not sure if it because I want to have her babies or that she's just one of the sickest rappers to come from anywhere in a long time. Maybe both. But, Yo-Landi killed it 10/10, hands down, GAME OVER.  Along with the onslaught of Dj Hi-Tek's monster beats tearing the place down, made my night. Then there's Ninja, what the fuck? This guy is amazing, flow never stops, Its fucking incredible. Oh, and his fu manchu is looking pretty Zef.

Most dates on this tour are sold/selling out. So, get on it.

Highlights: (other than Die Antwoord itself)

Baby blue terrycloth hot pants
New track "Money and the Power", it'll melt your face off like some Indiana Jones Arc of the Covenant type shit.
Awesome new Merch
Baby blue terrycloth hot pants

-Scott from da overseas

yo-landi in philly

yo-landi on screen

yo landi gooi in philly

ninja in philly

dj hitek goois in philly

ninja goois in philly

dj hitek in philly

haaa tek

griffinDie Antwoord Philly gig in da overseas


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