Die Playboer Mansion

Daar is nuwe skippies beskikbaar innie Zefshop. Die ouens van Playboer Clothing het die eerste twee shirts in hulle range uitgebring: Die Playboer Mansion en hulle Original Playboer Logo.

Gaan gooi 'n draai as jy belangstel in die stylie shirts. Daar is op die oomblik omtrent 'n totaal van 20 van elk in verskillende groottes.

"Back in 1830, as just a whisper among men sitting around the fire and tired of deducing the seasons by the stars, the concept of a calendar was conceived. Not just any calendar, but one tastefully showcasing the loveliest daughters of the voortrekkers, without upsetting dominee. Thought to have been lost during the trekking, Jannie Stokskommel and Kobus Beesneus rediscovered the iconic calendar, determining to return it to the nation with a modern twist, thus continuing the legend of PLAYBOER©"

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One Comment

  1. Posted September 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    I want one of those!!!  The girlfriend version should be PlayHoer!

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