Freddy For A Day – hierdie Sondag by die Voortrekker Monument

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Hier is vir julle 'n laaste reminder van wat hierdie Sondag by die Voortrekker Monument gaan gebeur. Onthou ook dat julle alles kan wen wat Queen nog ooit produce het – hulle hele fokken catalog. (let veral op reel nommer 8.) Jy het nog net kans tot Vrydag om in te skryf. Sover lyk die odds baie goed vir ons om die prys te hou, so ons gaan julle regtig nie verder encourage nie – dis meer as R5k werd en ons like ook van goed wen.


Since South Africa is particularly struck with HIV AIDS, Universal Music South Africa have partnered with Nkosi’s Haven. June 1st 2011 marked the 10th Anniversary of the death of internationally renowned AIDS activist Nkosi Johnson. The legacy of Nkosi is continued by Nkosi’s Haven, which provides care for HIV-positive women, their children and AIDS orphans.
On the 5th of September various media channels will be urging public to dress up as Freddie Mercury to remember and celebrate him as a great icon, as well as to donate R10 to Nkosi’s Haven by SMSing ‘Freddie’ to 38010.

In addition to this there will be a live concert “The QUEEN Experience: Freddie For A Day” on Sunday the 4th of September at the Voortrekker Monument. For each ticket sold to this event R10 will be donated to Nkosi’s Haven.
The event will be a spectacular tribute to Freddie Mercury and QUEEN, featuring the amazing Joseph Clark and his all star band, plus special guests Sibongile Mngoma, Josie Field, Bittereinder and Tumi Molekane.

Joseph Clark is widely known for his incredible interpretations of Queen's music. Those who have never seen this enigmatic artist in action will get the chance to rock with Joseph in The Queen Experience when he takes you on a rollercoaster ride with his powerful renditions of some of the greatest rock songs and breathtaking ballads ever written.
This is the very show that will be touring the Netherlands, and is destined to rock a sold out crowd of 35,000 people at the Gelredome Stadium in November for the STOP AIDS NOW campaign.
Joseph Clark says: “I was also honored to sing the opening song Break The Silence with the late R&B singer TK at the first International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2000. This was when the young AIDS victim, Nkosi Johnson, delivered his moving speech in front of thousands of people at the ICC.”

More about the event: Park Acoustics is a great outdoor event for all ages.

11:00 Gates open
13:00 Josie Field
14:00 Bittereinder
15:00 The QUEEN Experience
17:00 Show ends
What to bring: Picnic baskets, money for merchandise and albums, food stall and bar, small umbrellas and friends and family.
What not to bring: Alcohol, domestic animals, weapons, illegal substances, bad vibes.
Facilities available: Bar, food stall, clean toilets, picnic facilities, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, The Voortrekker Monument (additional entrance), safe and secure parking and an amazing view of Pretoria.
Parking: R5 per car (pay at main gate) this will insure that you get a safe and secure parking.

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griffinFreddy For A Day – hierdie Sondag by die Voortrekker Monument


  1. Hassie

    As julle wonder hoekom is hierdie land moertoe……vra vir jou pa en ma hoekom is daai Monument opgerig !

  2. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    ………om cherries se virgins by te pop?   DDD

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