Beeld smaak phuza Thursday

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beeld phuza thursday

griffinBeeld smaak phuza Thursday


  1. Lud

    Apparently 2OV ook.  Die vrou is glo gevang in 'n Pretoria shipping centre.
    Blue Bulls Murder Conspiracy – After the kind of year that they’ve had one wonders how it is that the Blue Bulls manage to stay competitive, let alone win at the top level of rugby. Police have confirmed the arrest of a middle aged woman over an alleged plot to murder a Blue Bulls player Deon Helberg. The woman was arrested yesterday at a Pretoria shipping centre. [newstime]

  2. LanieBra

    Nee wat, beeld moet eerder gaan sit, voorlat hulle hulself beseer.

  3. kakhuis

    Haar man kyk seker te veel tv ipv om sy household chores te doen

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