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clayton_cubittThis are going to be in English because the person waht we spoke to is from the overseas. The US in A to be more specificallaly. From New York. Sommer on 9/11 as well. He also did a fokken next level photoshoot of Die Antwoord, their upcoming debut album’s, $O$’s cover being one of the photos.

“Clayton Cubitt, (aka “Siege”) has his photographic finger stuck in many pots. His highly stylized editorial work has appeared in Surface, Rolling Stone, and The FADER, among other publications. Meanwhile, on the web, he chronicles his personal and professional life in photograph and words on his weblog The Daily Siege. His work is, more often than not, relentlessly sensual, saturated in deep colours, infused with an explicitness that lays its subject as bare as possible. Working within his own philosophy that inspires him to shoot with no holds barred, Cubitt’s lens lingers over muses ranging from the mid-coital form of his fiancée in bed with another woman to a dead baby bird set before him.”

We asked Clayton some questions:clayton_cubitt1

griff: How the fuck are you? Had a nice day?

Clayton: I’m very fine. Today was 9/11 in NYC but instead of getting attacked we hung out at a rooftop pool with some nice friends, which is all you can really ask for in life.

griff: Wat kyk jy?

Clayton: Gesundheit!

griff: If I send you a fucking cool watkykjy shirt, would you dress a friend with nice boobs in it, make her bend over and take a nice photo for me that I can put on my fridge? If she has orange poes hair, it’s also OK, I will just colour in over the grey with a magic marker.

Clayton: I might! It would have to be a pretty fucking cool shirt, though. And I don’t know anyone with grey pubes yet. But we could put out a casting call.

griff: Have you photographed more people than Larry King has interviewed on CNN?

Clayton: I doubt it. He’s been around for a really long time. I’ve probably photographed as many people as Rachel Maddow has interviewed on MSNBC. But I’m more about the quality over quantity, in all things.

griff: The Saatchi gallery had a lot of nice things to say about you. Are they true?

Clayton: All good things you hear about me are true, and a few of the bad things.

griff: What is the the best photoshoot you have ever done and why?

clayton_cubitt4Clayton: That’s impossible to answer, like asking someone to pick their favorite child, or asking a Mormon to pick their favorite wife. I’ve shot a lot of fashion stories that I’m quite fond of. One time I did a fashion shoot that was imaginary formal portraits of Nigerian skinheads in the 70s that I liked. Gnarls Barkely liked it so much they made a music video based on it. I’m fond of my “Decay” body of work, pure white portraits and objects photographed, and then the prints buried in dirt until rotted and molded, and then dug-up and framed. I also loved the recent Die Antwoord shoot for their album cover. They’re always fun to work with, and so focused and intelligent about what works and what doesn’t. Plus we got to work with an albino hairless cat. I think when people see the images we shot there will be quite a stir.

griff: You’re not that guy that cut up half a shark with its penis sticking out and put in the Saatchi are you?

Clayton: No, that’s Damien Hirst. Although I do have a tiny fetal shark in a jar on my bathroom counter. I got it in Florida, which is the shark-attack capital of the USA.

griff: Not a lot of people know this, but you are actually the dude who triggered the interest in Die Antwoord on the interwebs. World Wide. How did you come across them the first time?

Clayton: I’m always looking for amazing things online, underground things or clayton_cubitt3forgotten things, things that are well done and real. I stumbled upon their Zef Side clip when it had just a few views, and the preview image of Yo-Landi dancing looked intriguing so I watched it and the whole thing hit so hard I knew it needed to be seen by everyone. I’m fascinated with post-colonial culture clashes and evolutions. So is my friend Xeni Jardin at BoingBoing, so she was one of the friends I made watch this clip, and she loved it and posted it, and the rest is history!

griff: You eventually met my friends, Ninja and Yo-Landi. Do you know that they went across to the overseas and met everyone that helped them go superlarge on the interwebs?

Clayton: I believe it. They’re two of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met, very giving and no bullshit.

griff: Did you ever imagine meeting such next level people?

Clayton: I only leave the house to meet next level people.

griff: When ninja stayed at your house, did he also fuck up your frying pan making eggs or did you make them food?

Clayton: We were so busy making images and planning world domination we almost forgot to eat. So we ordered in some sandwiches I believe. And then Ninja rolled a Zef blunt the size of a baby’s arm and we got back to work. One time we went to an Italian restaurant near Times Square and our waiter was a Japanese guy who claimed to be a samurai and serenaded Yo-Landi as he was taking our order.

griff:  Have you ever been to South Africa?

Clayton: Not yet, but I’d love to go. I’m just waiting to be invited.

griff:  Did you delete all the naked pictures of Yo-Landi afterwards?

Clayton: I don’t think anyone’s publicly acknowledged the existence of naked pictures of Yo-Landi.

To check out more of Clayton’s work visit his website especially if you want to see some high quality photography. Oh ja, also if you like tits and pussy.


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