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Julle last minute mense wat geskiem het jy gaan kaartjies by die hek kan koop moet dalk vinnig heroorweeg. Daar is minder as koppi1000 kaartjies beskikbaar en die mense maak al heavy konvooi oppad soontoe. Hierie outjies in die foto saal heel moonlik hulle tente opgeslaan he in die volgende uur en begin konvooilooi.

Hieso is ‘n ‘n vinnige update:

OppiKoppi: Sexy Crooked Teeth festival heading for the first ever sell out in its 16 year history!

At the time of going to press it looks like 2010 might be a history making year for the Oppikoppi festival: unprecedented pre-sales means that on Thursday morning the festival had only a paltry 1000 tickets left which are moving fast.

A surprised sounding Carel Hoffmann (president for life for OppiKoppi / Hilltoplive) said that it was unexpected. “We actually thought the world cup might detract from the attendance this year but something clicked and there is more interest than ever before. We are really thankful for the support. It really feels strange to put out a “sold out” sign for the festival, for the first time ever. It is quite humbling to find our little brainchild and sideline rock n roll party being the centre of this frenzy. We never thought it would reach this level”.

Although in the past cash sales were allowed the massive pre-sales pick up just indicates that all the water and terrain logistics will be tested. Hence this press release and capacity call.

We will definitely look at upgrading some of the systems and stage areas for next year, but we have to also ensure that the fans and bands have a good time this year.

The single biggest constraint on the farm is water, so campers are encouraged to bring a bottle or two along. Or more beer.

Thank you very much for your support, we never thought we would actually send out a missive like this.

Long live rock ‘n roll.

See you in the dust!

You can buy the last few tickets from www.ticketbreak.co.za – remember to join them as a member first to make the process easier. For updates on ticket availability stay in touch on Twitter and Facebook

The OppiKoppi clan/crew/family.

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