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Thulani Ngcobo is 29 jaar oud en van Soshanguwe af. Hy smaak Kaizer Chiefs en Bafana stukkend en is een van Suid-Afrika se grootste thulani01sokker fans. Dis seker ook een van die redes hoekom sy nickname Ngcobo2010 is. Suck on that, FIFA! Die bra probeer sover moontlik, elke Bafana match en Chiefs game in SA bywoon.
Nou check hierie cool shit uit:
Thulani het deelgeneem aan MTN se "Last Fan Standing" kompetise, deurgegaan na die final 8 toe en op die ou einde na 'n klein hectic 40 punte multiple choice eksamentjie die kompetisie gewen. Eksamens is tos, maar duidelik ken hy sy shit as dit by sokker kom.
Wat hy gewen het is fokken all expenses paid, my blare: Kaartjies vir 38 van die 64 FIFA World Cup games. Hy kan obviously nie elke liewe match gaan kyk nie omdat 25 van die games gelyktydig gespeel gaan word. Hy kan homself nie in twee skeur nie – dit sal fok met sy basic loop en eet vibes, jy maak uit? thulani1Wat dit nog cooler maak is dat hy die Guiness World record sal breek vir die meeste Fifa World cup matches bygewoon deur 'n individu.
Hier is so bietjie logistics vir julle. Dit gaan nie fokken maklik wees nie:

  • Al tien stadiums, 9 stede, 8 groepe en ten minste 30 van die kompeterende spanne
  • 28 pool games (nie fokken poolwat jy in die pub speel nie) wat die opening ceremony insluit
  • 4 rontes van 16 matches, 2 quarter-finales, 2 semi-finals
  • Die playoff vir die houtlepel (derde plek)
  • Die final natuurlik
  • Meer as 17000km se travel – good luck vir jou boude, ou tjomma.
  • Meer as 3400 minute se live sokker action

Ons het Thulanie ge-corner (fokken bad pun, ek weet) vir so paar vrae:
griff: So you are the last fan standing hey? Congrats! You are going to kakloads of FIFA WC games, my bru. In fact, 38 of them. Tell me, what is thulani2this prize worth to you personally and secondly how much is it worth in Rands more or less?
Thulani: Yeh, I am The MTN Last Fan Standing! Thanks! This price to me means a lot of things! It's a dream come true to me, since I'm a soccer loving slave. I've been watching the previous World cup games on TV but this time I'm going to watch it live because of MTN! This is a once in a lifetime experience my broer. I can't stop smiling when I think of it. The most of it is that I'm going to be in the Guinness World Records' Book! The price? I'm not sure about it but it is worth big bucks!! Not any company can afford it but MTN!:-)
griff: What is your normal dayjob?
I work in the Asset Management section as Asset Controller at The Department Of Rural Development And Land Reform (previously known as Department of Land Affairs) in Pretoria-Head Office.
griff: If you win this Guiness World record, what do they give you? Any fancy prizes?
Thulani: So far what I know is that I'm going to get a medal and GWR Certificate.
griff: They must give you some zak too, man. Let’s say you break this record, which I am sure you will, will you try and go for any other world records?
Thulani: Definitely yes!
griff: Have you ever met the whole Bafana squad or the whole Kaiser Chiefs squad, seeing that they are your favourite teams?
Thulani: I've not yet met them but I'm in the process to meet Bafana Bafana soon and I wish to meet Kaizer Chiefs players too.
griff: Hopefully you get to meet all of them. Who is you most favourite soccerstar in the whole world and why?
thulani3Thulani: Lionel Messi is the BEST (In the world)! Since I was born, I haven't seen any player playing better than him. He is confident on the ball, he can protect the ball very well and his teammates trust him. I also like Siphiwe Tshabalala (In SA) not only because he is a Kaizer Chiefs player but I because of the way he distributes and hold balls. He can score goals given a chance and he can also create chances.
griff: Tell us about the most exciting game you’ve ever been to or the most amazing goal that you have witnessed.
Thulani: It was the last Soweto derby played at Soccer City (then called FNB Stadium) between  Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. We were losing by one goal to nil until Shaun Bartlett equalised with a wonderful header from a nice taken corner kick in the last minute of the game (94th). We celebrated the whole night for that goal because we didn't want to loose against Orlando Pirates!
griff: Do you think you should go work for Kaiser Chiefs? I think they need someone like you.
Thulani: Eish! I would like to if I can be given a chance! 🙂
griff: Hopefully some grootkop from Chiefs is reading this. With your travels now during the World Cup, will you be visiting any place for the first time ever?
Thulani: No, I've been in every stadium. Unless hotels.
griff: Fok, I've only been to one stadium. I went to the rugby semi-finals in Soweto. What is your thoughts on the first ever international rugby thulani4game in Soweto?
Thulani: To me it was emotional, especially seeing old black men & women sharing beers with white men in the township! That was the most exciting part to me. I'm happy that we are united in South Africa.
griff: Ja, dit was nogal kiefpiele. Do you watch any other sports besides soccer?
Thulani: Yes, I sometimes watch cricket.
griff: What are your hobbies?
Thulani: I like going to watch my favorite sport, soccer, every weekend and everytime there is soccer.
griff: Jirre, hectic, so geen breiwerk of stamp collecting vir jou nie. Who is going to play in the finals, and who is going to win the WC2010?
Thulani: It's going to be South Africa vs Brazil and South Africa is going to win it.
griff: Well, Bafana don't seem to be doing too kak lately. Let's hope for the best. What do you think of ?
Thulani: Your web? 🙂 It's an interesting one! I like your one picture (Poesgroot World Tour). Ha ha!

Ek skiem dit gaan 'n fokken lekker epxerience wees vir Thulani. Maybe kom tune hy ons wat alles gebeur na die World Cup en hy 20 dae geslaap het om te herstel.

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