Kief tyd in Kuwait

In Briewe deur griffin

Hello WKJ!

I’m a South African expat now working in Kuwait ( was born in Bethlehem in Vrystaat and worked in JHB before moving over to Kuwait on a contract). Ek verstaan en praat Afrikaans baie goed maar my grammer etc is nie altyd die beste nie, so ek vra om verskooning vir die Engelse email.

I’ve been in Kuwait working as a banking & finance lawyer for 4 years now and I follow your blog daily. I’ve also managed to introduce your blog to some of my SA friends here in Kuwait and Dubai and they too follow your site regularly. I think your site is AWESOME…kak snaaks! I also love your Friday “Kom ons fokken duik!” entry (I look forward to it every week!) and your “kak job” posts;  Speaking of which, I have a jpeg pic of a “kak job” please let me know how I can email it to you as an attachment
and you can decide whether you want to put it up on your site (no need to credit me  on the site or anything like that, just thought it would be cool if I could contribute  something).

Take care,


Kak job!

Hi John,

Shot vir die foto. Lawyers moet mos altyd mense help wat in die kak is.

Ek hoop nie jy moes hierdie ou help nie.



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