Die beste interview antwoord in ‘n lang tyd …

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NY TImes: White rappers still have a hard time gaining credibility in the U.S. Is that barrier one that concerns you?
Ninja: This is not a barrier that concerns us, because as you may have noticed, we have fucked this barrier in the face.

Hier is die volle interview

PS: Die Antwoord se volgende music video word deur Neil Blomkamp gemaak. Fokken Oscar Nomiated director, my blaar!

Die ouens wat nog steeds nie uitmaak wat aangaan nie. Dis te laat. Jy sal fokken nooit verstaan nie.


griffinDie beste interview antwoord in ‘n lang tyd …


  1. Stewart

    Fuck I also agree with you… when I read it in the interview I burst out laughing and wanted to punch someone at the same time… fokkin bejaars my blaar!!

  2. MaNiFeX

    <b>YES!</b>  Thank you, Ninja.  Die Antwoord and Wat Kyk Jy have opened up South African culture to me like none else.
    I'm glad you are representing South African culture in the US.  I hope you fuck all those suits in the @$$ when they start talking big $money$ to ya.   Take advantage of the flights, they are pretty kush.  Also, pick up some of that medical shit while you are in LA.  Pretty bomb, rivals Amsterdam and Vancouver, BC.  When you start to tour, don't forget the NW!!!  You'd dig Oregon and Washington.  They let you fuck shit up here.

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