1. Johan

    Cool. BTW, Enter the Ninja was vanmiddag op 5FM op DJ Fresh se show. Hoe de fok move hulle so vinnig. Go Ninja!

  2. DJC

    got die ouens is lelik Zef maar ek like dit so… jirre blare gaan hulle genuine 'n US of A tour doen? of kwagga nai hul met ons… Anyway… kapit uit ninja…ek smaak dai Self Spoken shit … hahahaha!

  3. dana orlando

    Just recently turned on to Die Antwoord,& am definitely feeling its some of the freshest,most interesting, genuine work I’ve experienced in a lonnnngggg long time! With far to many carbon copies of carbon copies of everything out there,this truly is a treat.
    I find the whole ‘fairy’ exchange very entertaing.U both seem very f%#king genuine….best of everything to u.

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