Bitch met geel tande in Peugot wil Kaap afbrand

In Park soos 'n poes deur griffin

Griffin – Hi,

These photos are not of parking violations – these are of arseholes that throw their burning cigarette butts from the car window. I took these pictures just after a cigarette butt came flying out of the driver side window. To make this worse: This was taken around the same time that Cape Town was going through a spate of fires! The radio stations were making pleas to the public to not throw butts out the window… clearly these things don’t apply to this b1tch in the Peugot 206.

I hope you post this!


Remember, friends – when someone park so a poes, chance can be big what he also drive so a poes …

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griffinBitch met geel tande in Peugot wil Kaap afbrand