Miskien kan jy help – hit ‘n run op sement highway

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Hi Guys

I witnessed a “HIT and RUN” yesterday (04/03/2009 around 17h55pm) on my way home between Gordon and Maraisburg Off Ramps (Concrete Highway).
A truck moving from the left lane into the middle lane hit the front left side of a dark grey almost black TAZZ.
The lady was so shocked and stopped the vehicle but the truck driver kept going.
I took down the details including the cell number that was on the truck and have contacted the company to whom the truck belongs.
Please can you forward this email to as many people as possible as I would like the lady of the TAZZ to contact me so that I can give her all the necessary information.

It could happen to anyone of us so your help would really be appreciated.


Rashid Khan
Cell: 083 341 4849
Work: 011 886 2636

Onthou maats, as iemand soos ‘n poes parkeer, is die kans groot dat hy soos een sal bestuur ook…

griffinMiskien kan jy help – hit ‘n run op sement highway

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