Trust News24 to get it wrong – every day

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It bugs me everyday. News24 is littered with mistakes everyday. Usually in the form of missing words, whole paragraphs that end up being in bold in stead of single words or HTML codes you find amongst paragraphs, especially “nbsp” tag which we see almost every day.

Now they went and got facts wrong as well. They reported that “A three-storey building collapsed in Manhattan on Monday morning after an apparent gas explosion…”
(link here)
while IOL reported that “A four-storey building collapsed in Manhattan on Monday morning after an apparent gas explosion…”
(link here)

After reading the IOL report, I decided that News24 would be the bearers of bad news, (so to speak) seeing that they always seem to hastily compile their reports and not double checking it (the format especially). I checked the info on CNN, and it seems the IOL was accurate, as I suspected.

There might not be a big difference between the numbers 3 and 4, but when it comes to a number of storeys in a building, it would for instance have a bigger financial value.

News24, if you ran a personal blog in which no-one was interested in, such mistakes are OK, but you operate a commercial service and have certain repsponsibilities towards your readers to report accurate and typographically sound. What does your sub-editors do? Or do they work for free and thus not care about their work? Remeber that you also have a responsibilty towards your advertisers, unless of course, they get adspace for free.

I’m getting tired of reading news that is written the same way which Borat speaks.

Please get your act together.

Deel met jou tjommies!

    griffinTrust News24 to get it wrong – every day


    1. Jam

      Must be typos or something. And it is annoying… I tend to track back on what the write to the orginals if I can.

    2. griffin

      True, but some people, like myself (being in Nigeria) can only read SA news online.

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