Some pictures, some thoughts

In Spec-takel deur griffinRek jou bek

A couple of photos taken in and around Abuja, Lagos and some other spots in Nigeria. More will follow a bit later. I’ll also do the documantary video at some stage once I stop being so fucking lazy. The doccie will more or less be in the same format as the London one I made (available somewhere on this site and Youtube).

This weekend’s activities will include some tennis, swimming, a champaigne breakfast and possibly some jogging (depending on the amount of champagne we consume.)

O ja, and we might go to the movies. Yep, Nu Metro finally opened. Will report back on this issue. Wondering what’s showing on the big screen… Hhmmm… maybe Karate Kid I?

Lekker plek om 'n paar biere te klap en vleis te braai
Die stadium is herbou na 'n moerse storm in 2003
Die plek is fokken groot
View from Boeing
And they are not debt collectors as some people think...

Workers on site
Waiting for bush
View of the City

griffinSome pictures, some thoughts


  1. PienkZuit

    Het daai National Stadium se dak nie ingemaar gemoer 'n dag of wat na die All Africa Games nie? Het hulle dit weer reg gemaak?

  2. griffin

    Ja, dit het, en die ding was fucked gewees vir meer as 'n jaar, maar hulle het dit uiteindelik reggemaak.

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