Long lost friend gets in touch…

In Briewe deur griffinRek jou bek

I received the following e-mail from a long-lost friend and decided to publish it on my blog, because it can like to be rather unique. Greame is the only English oke I know what like to spoke the English tail stukkend in real life. If you come across someone in Pretoria what try to sell you giftig snakes and he speaks English load amongs your ear so the example below, his name is Greame. Buy him a beer for me…


Well I actuall don’t know how to drive the interweb proper yet, but I’ve already won 100 000000 pounds from a oke in nigeria what says I can keep half when he comes to SA. He just needed some of my details. Cool hey? Any way I’ve, bought the interweb and am making lots of friends from all over Pretoria. Your blog is quite lekker and kept me laughing till my beer came out my nose and walked down my jersey.

Powse is helping me with my webpremises so I should be selling even more slange shortly. Jacqui says hi and wants to know when youre coming for a braai? 082 ******* gets you a sms to my fone, even if you do live in Bigbrother Nigeria. I keep watching the show and carent see you anywhere.

I take fotos of cars now for a living as well as break homes by selling very ugly snakes what can kill hundreds of people(so Idi Amin) to small children. I decided that if i carent gym myself big i will eat myself big, so i now look like a Ford F-250 with tits. Last year i got so drunk so Michelle Rodriguez during the day by Sean’s house that by the time dusk rolled in I was in no state to walk to the Dros, so i tried to fly. I climbed on top if a chimney and took a leaping jump upwards (to clear the electric fence) then landed on some rocks many meters below. Broke both my ankles and got misdiagnosed at HF. Spent 4 months on crutches and now I walk like a t-rex. Carent work in restuarants any more cause of the standing. So i was forced to seek employment with the people that have real jobs. Thats why I’m now with autotrader, all corporate and stuff.!!

anyhow thats all for now, will keep in touch

griffinLong lost friend gets in touch…

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