Wat maak jy daar oo’kant Crazy Monkey?

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Ons het so gesluit die mense van Crazy Monkey te interview. Hulle daai mense is wat hulle doen so die gevaarlike goete op MTV amper so Jack-Ass doen dit.

Hulle ook praat nie baaie goed die Afrikaans, maar hy het ge-dit genoeg gestaan om te kan antwoord by sy eie taal ge-julle daar in die huis. So without further a doel, hieso ons gee ge-julle die interview tussenin grifFin by Watkykjy en Brendan vir Crazy Monkey. Geniedit.

grifF: Hoe het julle ingekom by MTV met hierdie belaglike idee van Crazy Monkey? Wie moes julle naai? Seriously, ons wil weet.
Brendan: We were required to have sex with each other in front of the MTV Europe TV programming board. Once they were happy with our stamina and originality, they let us on air. Wait, that was a dream… We actually got into contact with the right people through mails and phone calls. They dug our proposal, but couldn't pay us. We got the money elsewhere, then made it. They loved the stuff and paid us to make more, including flying us to London to present a Men Hurting Themselves Weekend. We stood on Damon Albarn from Blur's chewing gum in the studio while there.

grifF: Wie is almal in die Crazy Monkey team en wat doen julle vir day jobs?
Brendan: Gavin Williams is an advertising copywriter in Cape Town. Brett Goldin is an actor and DJ in Cape Town. Trevor Clarence is a commercials director in JHB, although he's been focused on the movie for the past six months. Brendan Jack has been working on the movie for the last year or so. And he also watches movies and answers website questions for a living.

grifF: Hieso is 'n idee vir julle: Jy en jou cronies tune mekaar julle gaan nou heavy kak soek met iemand by 'n larney pub in Menlyn / Sandton en julle high-five mekaar. Jy loop na 'n groot bra toe wat by die bar sit en TV kyk. Dan tune jy hom gangster-style "Watkykjy!?" en hy kyk nie om nie en tune jou droog: "MTV". En dan vertel jy jou tjommies wat angstig buite staan en wag hoe rof dit was en vee so die sweet van jou voorkop af. Wat skiem jy? Kan dit werk?
Brendan: It sounds quite complicated. The problem is that there aren't really any "groot bra's" in Menlyn / Sandton. Some of Crazy Monkey are from Roodepoort and Benoni, they make them big there. Although those guys don't watch MTV, just Extreme Cage Fighting and ESPN hunting. What was your question again?

grifF: Wat is hierie storie met die Crazy Monkey movie wat uitkom oor so ses maande? Gee ons so bietjie inside info my bra.
Brendan: The movie comes out in August. It's called 'Straight Outta Benoni' – a full on movie, not just sketches like Jackass. It's about two guys from Benoni who really want to become famous, but only have a day to do so. It's got people like Colin Moss, Tanit Phoenix, Lee-Ann Liebenberg and Louw Venter from The Most Amazing Show in it. Louw is kak funny. It'll make you wee in your pants.

grifF: Daai videoclip waar julle so op die bed spring lyk fokken gevaarlik. Hoeveel stunt doubles het julle gebruik en is enige bene in die process gebreek?
Brendan: It was basically totally fokken gevaarlik. We never use stunt doubles because it costs too much. We didn't break any bones, but one of the bed legs cracked. And Brett's step-dad did come and check what happened. And he's not a lekker guy, he used to be a navy boxing champion. That's what makes that stunt so extreme… Brett's step-dad is good with his fists.

grifF: Hou julle meer van roomys of koeldrank?
Brendan: A bit of both makes a Coke float, or a Cream Soda float. We like chips.

grifF: Het jy al chloorbomme in jou ma se groentetuin gelaunch toe jy 'n laitie was en dan 'n moerse pakslae gekry en dan so in jou kamer gehuil tot sy vir jou roomys of koeldrank bring?
Brendan: None of us had access to chlorine at that age. We made simple bombs out of fertilizer, snot, dung and gunpowder. After we got a pakslae, we often got chips and a float.

grifF: Waar was jy Vrydagaand 21:37 gewees?
Brendan: At the public swimming pool toilets. We saw you there.

grifF: Trek chicks hulle tops uit en vra jou om hulle cans te autograph as jy gaan baked beans koop by Checkers?
Brendan: Once, she was a cashier at Checkers. Unfortunately she was just trying to take her jersey off and it got stuck to her shirt. We signed her boob anyway. Then she gave us a packet for free.

grifF: Wat is die gevaarlikste ding wat jy al ooit gedoen het terwyl jy sober was?
Brendan: Jumped off a balcony whilst drinking urine and poison… at Brett's step-dad's place. Then watched a lot of e-TV. Total danger.

grifF: Eet jy elke aand jou groente en was agter jou ore voor jy gaan piepie en gaan slaap?
Brendan: Nee.

grifF: Het julle enige ander projects in die pipeline waaraan julle werk? Enige verdere collaborations met MTV?
Brendan: There are a lot of Crazy Monkey spots that haven't been played here yet. They seem to stick to a certain bunch, but they're changing them slowly. We've been focused on the movie for about a year now – in conjunction with Ster Kinekor and MTV.

grifF: SA het baie meer Jerry Springer candidates as Amerika. Skiem jy dat julle so 'n tipe show sal kan of will afpull of dink jy dit sal te gevaarlik wees?
Brendan: Te gevaarlik. They'd need ten Steves to stop a Boksburg oke who found his brother sleeping with his wife.

grifF: Watkykjy?
Brendan: Jou website. The Super 12 schedule. Schalkie Jnr. Watkykjy?

grifF: Wat ruik so fokken weird?
Brendan: I think it's coming from your guy's moonbag. It smells like plants.

grifF: Tune bietjie die mense van julle website en waar hulle meer info oor Crazy Monkey kan kry?
Brendan: Everything you ever need to know about our movie and the world can be found at:

grifF: Enige advice, final thoughts of waarkskuwings wat jy dalk vir al die Watkykertjies wil tune by die huis?
Brendan: Always gleam the cube. Even when you're alone in your room. Always.

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