Jenny McCarthy as Elvis

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Jenny McCarthy might not not be smartest chick around, but she sure as hell can be be fucking entertaining. You might not know this, but she’s the host of Party at The Palms on channel 41 on DSTV. I just left the TV on that channel after watching another disasterous epsiode of American Idols. Lets be honest, al lot of people watch that show, although they won’t readily admit it. It’s like driving past a horrific accident saying to your chommies “Fuck, that is terrible!” while at the same time trying to see what is going on.

Anyway, getting back to Jenny… She wore this Elvis suit and mimmicked all the moves. She actually pulled it off in a sort of Jim Carey kung-fu way and then proceeded to marry this couple in one of thos cheesy chappels.

She also interviewed this other steaming hot brunette (I think she runs the Nascar show or something), had a go-cart race with her and called each other “bitch” all the time. Mainly because the brunette went on the cover of FHM a month after Jenny. I wasn’t really paying attention to dialogue. Maybe I got distracted by the portruding cleavages. I might watch the show again when I don’t want to or have to use my brain.

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