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Dis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!

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griffinDis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!
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He-Man is coming back! What did you do with your He-Man mannetjies?

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Man, I wished I kept all my handheld Nintendo Game & Watch games from the 1980s! I had quite a moerse collection, but probably not as close what other kids had back then. Of course when I say ‘I’, I actually mean ‘us’ – all the games accumulated over several birthdays and definitely more than one Christmas where kind of shared with my three siblings as well. The numbers made us stronger. From the top of my head I remember Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Donkey Kong Junior, Snoopy Tennis, Octopus, Parachute, Popeye, Chef, Fire, Mickey Mouse and the odd one out by Takatoku and not Nintendo – Robot Maker.

I have no idea why the series of games were called ‘Game & Watch’ because I never saw one fokken Nintendo watch anywhere, but that could also be because I grew up in Vereeniging, which is basically Mosselbaai Lite but without an ocean. At the end of last week some dude put up his Donkey Kong game up for sale on the marketplace on Facebook. Remember the orange one with the double screen? Offers from R1500. People were falling over their feet to outbid each other. The next day it was Donkey Kong Jr and the day after that another game. I am so glad that I only had R45 in my bank account, because I would have been in so much shit with my wife.
If that dude had waited until this week, I think he would have gotten even more for his retro games, because on Monday, Kevin Smith announced at Power-Con in California that he is re-launching the 1980s Masters of the Universe brand as an anime limited-series for Netflix. He is continuing the “unresolved story” of the original 1980s He-Man cartoon. This reboot is going to revive a massive wave of nostalgia and people are going to dig through their toy crates for all those He-Man mannetjies and possibly put them up for auction and make a killing. On Gumtree a 1984 He-Man mannetjie goes for R495, out of the box but on Bid Or Buy you can be expect to cough up more than R1450 – also out of the box but for the 1981 model.
I had fokol Masters of The Universe mannetjies when I was a laitie. The only mannetjie I had was Mr-T from the A-Team but like a doos I chowed his plastic M16’s barrel off within the first week and lost BA the next week. My sisters had Face and Hannibal but I was never allowed to play with it because they were forever having fokken tea and cake with their Barbie dolls. I do however have this befokte He-Man box set from way back, so hopefully with Kevin Smith rebooting He-Man and consequently the rest of the 80s, I will be able to retire from selling it in 20 years from now. I would love to hear what kief stuf you’ve preserved from when you were a kinners!

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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

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griffinHe-Man is coming back! What did you do with your He-Man mannetjies?
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Have some local reggae, mon! (Daaf Vapor, Calling Kingston, Meesh Mash, Zionruts, Tidal Waves)

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Wah Gwaan Duppy Conquerers an’ Ruggamuffins? Wich paaat di paaty deh? (Ok, ek sal ophou.) So, mi like dis reggae ting. So what, mon? (Ok, daar hou ek nou op).

Ek weet nie hoe goed reggaemusiek (histories) in SA verkoop het nie, maar ek wonder wel soms hoeveel mense van verskillende kulture in ons land almal reggae gesluister het in die late seventies en eighties? In die townships, op die grens en in wit woonbuurte? Jy hoor die stories, maar meeste Suid-Afrikaners het nou nie juis notes compare met mekaar daai tyd nie. Vir julle filmmakers is dit dalk nog ‘n onderwerp vir ‘n eg Suid-Afrikaanse dokumentêr?
Ek wonder ook soms hoe die armer mense die oorsese musiek in die hande gekry het? Obviously radio, TV en platemaatskappye. Maar daar moet stories agter die obvious kort antwoorde wees. Ek onthou Bob Marley se hit song, Buffalo Soldier het in die vroeë tagtigs op die radio gespeel want my nefie het dit heeltyd gesing om my te irriteer. Nòg ons, nòg die sensuurraad het verstaan waaroor die lirieke gaan. Eddy Grant se Gimme Hope Johanna was verban op radio maar almal het dit nog steeds geluister en niemand is gearresteer nie.

Ek onthou UB40 se musiek was ook vrylik beskikbaar by die OK Bazaar, Hyperama en Pick ‘n Pay. Oyaba se video, Tomorrow Nation was op SAUK TV-kanale. Koos Kombuis en Bernoldus Niemand het elkeen ‘n reggae song record in die Voëlvrydae. Rastaman soek sy lip ice en Reggae vibes is cool! Anton Goosen het Danzer saam met Lucky Dube opgeneem.  Baie jare later het Tidal Waves die fakkel oorgeneem. O ja, en moenie die kulturele beweging wat Tings ‘n Times in Pretoria was vergeet nie! # Dis about hoe ver my kennis strek. Fok weet wat van reggae die afgelope dekade geword het?

However, ek het die afgelope jaar weer ‘n paar SA reggae, ska en ragga dancehall bands online en live gesien. Dit het my laat wonder of die musiek nog lewe en wie die fakkel vorentoe gaan dra? Hier is so paar kandidate:

Daaf Vapor se Babylon Bong is ‘n pret, humoristiese ragga dancehall song:

Calling Kingston se Live studio version van Once Again is energieke ragga-rap-dance hall vibes:

Zionruts Family se mindblowing performance verlede jaar op die Distilled Sessions bly nog een van my gunstelinge. Een van die mense op Youtube het selfs ge-comment en gevra of dit for realzies in SA verfilm is?

Hierdie band het nie veel content op die interwebs nie, maar ek kan ‘n kief reggae sound hoor, selfs al is die video se kwaliteit kak. Meesh Mash, wat ‘n awesome cover van Lucky Dube se ‘Prisoner’!
Mmmm, en waarmee is Tidal Waves nou besig?

Al wat ek kan sê is:
Stuur nog hierdie kant toe en maak asseblief nog ‘n kakhuis vol reggae vibes! Die somer is aan die kom en ons makeer ‘n moerse reggae beweging hier in Mzansi!

Inna di morrows, brotheren en sisteren!

RolbeesHave some local reggae, mon! (Daaf Vapor, Calling Kingston, Meesh Mash, Zionruts, Tidal Waves)
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Jaqueline Carvalho – Woensdag se warm bokkie

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Hoekom feature Suid-Afrika like fokken nêrens met volleyball nie? Ons het die mooiste strande en van die beste lywe en sportmal mense op aarde. Check nou byvoorbeeld vir Brazil – hulle women’s volleyball team het nou al tweekeer die olympics gewen: 2008 in China en 2012 in die UK. En Jaqueline Carvalho was in beide spanne gewees. Ons kort sulke ene.

griffinJaqueline Carvalho – Woensdag se warm bokkie